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SCARAB designs and installs pre-engineered domestic wastewater treatment plants. The brand was first marketed in mid 2001, and a major investment and research program was initiated, resulting, finally, in the first prototype. This new design was installed in early 2002.

The wastewater package plant design proved to be very effective and reliable, easily passing tests conducted by Umgeni Water (March 2003), and finally getting approval from Durban Metro (April 2003). It should be noted that this wastewater treatment system is the only design to have been approved by Durban Metro - under the old guideline policy No 8 and No 12. This system is still operational today. Durban Metro doesn't exist

We have installed our sewage systems throughout South Africa, Southern Africa, Kenya, Rwanda and Australia.

Where we started . . Our Journey.

SCARAB Water is owned by Steve Nicol and the late Gordon Nicol. Their vast experience in the sewer industry,  started as early as 1982 - (that is a whopping 40 years). In 1986, Steve started his own business, United Pumping, and Gordon joined him in 1988.
Primarily, United Pumping, now Unipump cc, serviced and maintained municipal and privately owned sewer pumping and treatment equipment for the public and private sectors. With this experience, the family team were asked by business associates, to help develop a new wastewater treatment plant and that product became commercialized in 1997. The association ended in 2001 and SCARAB was launched. 

SCARAB® is a listed Top 100 South African company (tt100) for it's technology in 2004, 2005 and 2006, and featured in the Engineering News (Engineering news here), The 2006 Bio2Biz award in Durban, was presented to Steve, by the Science and Technology deputy minister, Derek Hanekom. Since 2006, we have been recognized by a wide range of local and international experts, for our efforts to produce the very best innovative products, in an industry that will need to perform, if it is to save the earth's most precious resource - WATER. (see Accolades here).

In 2011, the company relocated to Limpopo, which was not only closer to it's local and international markets, based in Johannesburg, but gave the team opportunity to thrive, in a relaxed rural environment.

SCARAB Australia (Pty) Ltd was launched in May 2013, and we have 3 successful domestic sewage systems in Queensland.

Treat your water to a Scarab domestic wastewater treatment system.

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Scarab Wastewater treatment plants in South Africa

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Scarab wastewater treatment plants are ideal.for off grid rural game lodges

Sewerage treatment package plants

Scarab sewage package plants are great for all outdoor living areas

Scarab wastewater treatment plants

Scarab Water treatment systems for rural clinics and schools

Wastewater Treatment Package Plants

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  • Made from only the best materials - No compromise !
  • Reliable and Efficient operation
  • Easily maintained by the owner / operator
  • Serviced / maintained without shutting down
  • Unique design allows heavy sludge self cleaning
  • Aeration bubble pathlength 3 x any other system
  • Quick to install
  • Disinfection Ozone or Chlorine options
  • Modular - Upgrade, downgrade and relocate.
  • Top quality workmanship.
  • Quiet operation
  • Chemical Free biological process
  • Odourless


  • Recycle your wastewater
  • No moving parts inside the Scarab system
  • Wearing parts can be found at most well stocked DIY
  • Great for gardens, lawns, washing cars, water features
  • Non-polluting the ground water
  • Increase the water table, particularly in dry season
  • No regular Honey-sucker visits
  • Healthier septic tanks
  • Treated water is crystal clear & odourless
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Will increase the value of your property
  • Unobtrusive and descreet

The Scarab Team

Scarab Water has a dedicated and skilled team ready to tackle any challenges. Having a reliable team is crucial for the success of any company, especially in the field of sewage treatment solutions. If you ever need advice on optimizing your team's efficiency or any specific technical solutions, feel free to ask. Teamwork makes the dream work!
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