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 Scarab's Global Achievements

TT100 - 2004, 2005 & 2006

Top Technology 100 - 2004

In 2004, Scarab was first recognised for their innovative sewage treatment sytems technology when Da Vinci / TT100 achnowledged the efforts of the these intrepid pioneers. Since then, we have been awarded the TT100 recognition in 2005, 2006, 2017 and again in 2019. The TT100 program accepts only the top 100 South African companies every year, and Scarab systems have been selected no less than 5 times.

No mean achievement, by any means.
Scarab Package Treatment plants

TT100 - 2004


Scarab Sewage treatment Systems South Africa

Scarab TT100 sewage_systems

Bio2Biz Award - 2006

In 2006, we were again acknowledged for our technology, when Steve Nicol was presented with the Bio2Biz award in recognition for Scarab's pioneering breakthrough in sewage treatment systems technology.
Scarab Sewage_Treatment TT100

Scarab Waste_Water_Treatment

Scarab - 2018 Sewage_treatment

World Water Awards - Mumbai (2018)

Scarab was invited to attend the 2019 World Water Awards, in Mumbai, India. The pretigious event hosted at the 5 star Taj Landsend Hotel.

We thank the organisers and the judges for this honour, and appreciate your recognition of what we have achieved. Scarab's global achievements in sewage treatment system technology.
Scarab World Domestic sewage_treatment_systems Water_Awards 2019

Africa Leadership Award

Scarab achieves another accolade !

The Scarab team have again been honoured, this time by being selected in Africa's leadership Awards. Whilst this acknowledgement is an endorsement to our many years of hardwork, unwavering passion, and uncompromising integrity,  the real winner is the environment, and our thanks to the judges of this worthy event, who recognise this.

Africa Water Leadership Awards 2015


Tested and Endorsed

Scarab's very first system was installed in the Drummond / Cato Ridge area in mid 2002, after many years of research and development. The late John Bizzel, an architect, owned the small holding and we requested a trial site.
So impressed with the apparent water quality, Umgeni Water was asked for their opinion, and the water authority performed their own analysis of water samples. This letter confirms what they found.  I thank these water professionals for their efforts.

Scarab Umgeni Package Plants

Scarab Umgeni_Water Sewage_treatment_package_plants
Scarab Package_plants Umgeni_Water

Frost & Sullivan 2015

Frost & Sullivan made contact with us in 2015, saying they had done some extensive research on water related companies including Scarab, and found we had achieved their recognition as leaders in the water and wastewater technology.
Never before have we been scrutinized in this manner.  F&S went into our past, checked out our claims, dug deep into our markets, made contact with our customers, and then reported to us what they had found. Noting this type of research is candid, to the point and critical. Nothing seems to have escaped them, and we like that.
Anyhow, the full report is available - please ask (13 pages)

Frost Sullivan Wastewater Awards

Scarab sewage_systems_South_Africa

Frost Sullivan Water

Scarab sewage_treatment_plants Frost_Sullivan2