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Call Scarab Water for wastewater treatment systems

Scarab Wastewater treatment posts offering some insight into the wonderful world of water recycling

Cape Town onsite sewage treatment plants

Onsite Sewage treatment plants - The Cape Council fiasco

Package Plants and the Harties Hyacinth

Harties hyacinth, Wastewater treatment works and packaged plants

Tap water destroys village life

Tap water destroys village life - the presidential promise

Our Package plants - fit for purpose

Wastewater Package Plants – are they fit for purpose?

Scarab replaces pit latrines

Scarab Water and saving the children

Scarab Water and the Botswana Tatas

Scarab Water in Botswana

Scarabs new Toyota

 Scarab and Toyota. Quality, service backup, and reliability.

Scarab's wastewater leadership award

Scarab Wastewater Africa Excellence Award - 2022

Hero to Zero

When last did you hug your sewage treatment system?

Green drop & long drops.

Our waste water treatment works - Green Drops and Long Drops

When leaders fail to lead, followers fail to follow.

Enter(ic) Typhoid and poverty

Typhoid fever is a disease of poverty,

 - and its now here !!

Wasted Warm Baths is your distination

Poop in the Waterberg

Here in 'die bosveld', Bela Bela to be precise, we are quite unique. But . . .

Scotties Gift and wastewater treatment plants

Scotties Gift & waste water treatment plants

We have all taken for granted flushing the loo, and then . . .

Crafted Elegin

Scarab acknowledges gin distillery!

It takes just one sip of this unique flavoured elegin, to know you are tasting life . . .

Nice Nitrogen for Farming

Scarab Sewage Treatment and nitrogen in farming

Being pioneers meant that we didn't have many answers, but . . .

Blackwater Blackouts

Loadshedding and sewage systems - What really goes on when the lights go off.

S.A. Water Wizards

So, where does South Africa rank in the world of treated water quality?

SCARAB Press Release

 . . Scarab Press Release . .

Re - Scarab Water (Cape Province) -  01 October 2021

Fire and the Rain

 Fire, Water & Gasolene - our blog

Snake-oil salesmen

The art of passing off sewage packaged plants. . .

Our New H100 Twins ready for work

Our twins arrived, just yesterday.

Scarab's Balancing act

Balancing down under.  Can a freeway get wider during peak hour traffic?

Stinky- on the South Coast

Sewage stinks, right?

13 Lucky Clinics - KZN

Lucky Clinics - 13 Scarab sewage systems.

Clarifying Clarifiers

To be absolutely crystal clear on this  . . . .

Scarab Cyclops - fleas in package plants

Scarab Water - Our friendly One-eyed Cyclops

Scarab Solar Systems - Update

Scarab Solar Sewage Treatment Systems

Ducks that suck

Germ killers are sewage system killers

Who remembers the TV commercial where . . . . .

Sceptic Cesspits and septic tanks - Durban

Septic tanks - We have a sceptic government that needs flushing

. . . but I digress.

Chalk and Cheese - Simple Sewage System

Why a Scarab sewage system?  Why not ask these guys.

SEWPACKSA Shebeen and the package plant industry

SEWPACKSA - The Sewage Package Plant Suppliers Association

-- Fluffy Wastewater --

The fluffy stuff in wastewater

Once had a Garmin GPS named Fluffy....

Reuse & Recycle - in Oz

Wastewater Recycling down under

Tradies & Trademarks

Scarab Water and the great trademark theft.

One should not talk ill of the dead, so I wont. Mike is still alive.

Stuff we flush

Flushing Wastewater.

In the first ever research program, seawater was tested for . . . . .

Wastewater Quality v C19

Wastewater Quality and Covid

It has now been established that . . . . .

Verloren Estate - 40 Scarab systems

40 Scarab systems at Verloren Estate

You wont find many references for our . . . . .

Freedom of Flight

Courage, ambition and effort - Freedom of Flight

We are flattered

Scarab Sewage Systems - The Original

Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, as they say.

Looking up.

Scarab Water - Looking up

Great news - folks !!