Easy does it

Our first blog - enjoy !!

Hopefully, this will be a monthly journal.  Its not that I dont have a lot to say - its the time saying it, that is short.

Having been in the wastewater business since forever (1982 to be exact - some 38 years) has given me some credibility within the industry, and rightfully so. Our product - Scarab , developed mostly from scratch, has become a success throughout the relatively new package plant industry, noting that Scarab being one of the early pioneers in this fledgling industry. Since then we have seen many designs (and the companies that market their products) come and go, and this is ripe for a blog subject in the near future.

But in the meantime, we are putting together some interesting (hopefully not only to us) posts, real soon.  We are also looking at posting some amature photographs of anything to do with water (or lack of it), and ask for any stuff that you might want published here, and we would be delighted.

Signing off  - Steve