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Scarab offers Chalk and cheese

Why a Scarab sewage system?  Why not ask these guys.

Simple sewage solutions - down under - Cracow Gold mine.

When we are asked to look into updating an existing sewage system for a gold mine in the middle of Queensland - Australia, we visited the site. The mine manager guided us through the plant, explaining that he didn't have all the details of how the plant operated. When there was an issue, or when the sewage system required servicing, they would call out the agents, who would then spend a few days, tackling the task.  Since it was about a 5- hour drive, the service guys would only schedule the site visit a week later.

The mine management wanted solutions, quickly.

One of the gripes was that the design was too complicated, and well over the capabilities of the existing staff. They often got it wrong, with the wastewater not being treated, resulting in health warnings. The plant (and gold mine) was threatened with closure.

The owners wanted a quick, simple system that offered easy maintenance, and water quality assurance.

Scarab offered a quick turn around time, and within 6 weeks, the plant was on-site.


 Scarab Sewage treatment systems is designed for simplicity


Scarab sewage systems stand out for their remarkable simplicity. Engineered with user-friendly designs and intuitive functionality, they streamline the wastewater treatment process, making it accessible and efficient for all. From installation to operation and maintenance, Scarab systems prioritize ease-of-use without compromising on effectiveness, ensuring a hassle-free experience for customers while promoting environmental sustainability.

And are these guys happy? Read what they said here - Scarab References

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