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Elegin in Scarab are in it together

Scarab acknowledges gin distillery!

It takes just one sip of this unique flavoured elegin, to know you are tasting life . . .

This South African distillery infuses elephant dung as main ingredient to the production of gin.

     Scarab Dungbeetle Gin

*A South African Couple located in Paarl have crafted gin by infusing elephant dung into alcohol since November 2018, after relocating back to SA from the UK.

*They have now three different spirit flavours listed in major retailers locally selling for   approximately R545.00 and distributed internationally.

*15% of the proceeds go towards HERD elephant orphanage. People buy into it [the elephant dung infused gin] and that they are contributing towards elephant conservation ," acknowledges the owners.


In November 2018 Les and Paula Ansley produced and launched their first bottle of gin infused elephant's dung, Ndlovu Gin Original.  Ibhugan,  short for dung beetle, is their distillery located in the Cape Winelands' town of Paarl.


Dung beetles are well known for working hard and achieving great things in their effort not only to survive, but thrive, in an environment which is considered difficult and mucky. However, by following the dungbeetles' ethics, creating success is inevitable.


Cheers !!



Scarab Dung Gin Sewage treatment systems

To Les and Paula, we would like to welcome you to the Scarab family.




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