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Germ killers are sewage system killers

Who remembers the TV commercial where . . . . .

the domestic worker pours ¼ bottle of Toilet Duck into the toilet? I Do. 

And who remembers when they stopped seeing the ad? I do.

One of our clients complained that his Scarab sewage treatment system regularly stopped working, and the water comes out pretty stinky. We find this complaint uncommon, and visited him a few days later.  On inspection, we noticed that all the equipment was functioning well and there was no visible signs of failure.  However, we did find the bacteria had died inside the plant, likely to have been caused by household disinfectants, or poisoned with harsh pollutants.  We queried the source of contamination, and the client was very happy to show us his battery of household cleaners, many containing chlorine ingredients. On the front of the bottle, he acknowledged that it clearly stated "kills 99% Germs" and on the back, in small print "safe for septic tanks". I pointed out this contradiction, and said client claimed that the manufactures would never tell lies. After all, this was not a backstreet manufacturer, but a well recognized and international supplier.  

The days of punishing our water are over. This abuse has to stop.  The good news is that Scarab now offers our own range of eco-friendly household cleaning products (Scarab Cleaners), which are a lot kinder to your system.  Every single product is carefully selected from a wide range of local and imported ingredients, suited to the task it's asked to complete.

These speciality products are, on average, not more expensive than what you might find in the supermarkets, BUT they no harm to the water system. Whilst these are Scarab branded product, but they are suitable for all package plant systems. They may even help some of our opposition, and might make them smell better. And none are ducks that suck.

And about the TV commercial - I wrote to the manufactures telling them that they are killing our systems. I never did get a reply, but the adverts suddenly stopped.





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