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Our New H100 Twins ready for work

Our twins arrived, just yesterday.

Scarab sewage Systems. We are updating our fleet. 

These two tough birds have landed, just yesterday. All new and ready (and willing) to deliver!

And they have some really hard work coming up.


Scarabs twins

Whilst they may not be fast, they get the job done - Our two brand new H100 Twins have arrived.


We have found these vehicles to be tough, and have the largest load area in its class.  Each can take a ten thousand litre tank (without spilling over the edges).  Then, it will take another 2 tanks on our 6 meter trailer. This is a full load, which we do often.

That system is capable of 52 000 litres of wastewater treatment handled by our sewage systems every day. And that's why have two more vehicles.

Scarab Sewage Treatment plants

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