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When last did you hug your sewage treatment system?

As the true leaders in package plant industry, by default (since no-one appears to want to challenge us) we, at Scarab are very mindful of what we offer our clients.

Our journey into this new industry, way back in early 2000, we had a vision of what we offered, and what it should look like.  I always felt that, like architects, we were visionaries, predicting how a structure will appear when the sun shines in the early morning, and how it would perform.


Only the Best

Scarab started that journey, knowing only one thing - that what ever we did, we had to promise our selves, and the general public, that what we offered, would be manufactured from the very best materials available.  Tanks, pipework, electrics, and pumps were carefully selected so that there would be no failures due to poor quality. Everything had to be top quality. After-all, Scarab was the very best, and we could not risk our reputation on failed cheaper products.

And so, when there is something that does appear to have better quality, we would certainly look forward to including any such item, as a replacement.  However, simply changing over to a different ingredient, is never done without putting the new product under test. If it is tanks, then the new profiles need to be adapted to existing equipment.  Designs and shapes of pump enclosures need to be correctly moulded to fit correctly, and neatly. Testing includes bubble path length tests, flow direction and strength / flow patterns. As we thermoplastic weld all inlets / outlets, the welding requires testing. We use the destructive method of testing (yes - we take it past its breaking point - because some of our clients do the same.)  This takes weeks, with much trial and error, even before wet tests can be carried out. A daunting task, but quite necessary, so in-keeping with our rightful status in this industry.


The Grudge Buyer

We also felt that price was important, as our input costs relate directly to the "factory gate" price. Our industry has always been dependent on the grudge buyer, who would rather spend that spare cash on the annual over-seas holiday, the new car or imported tiles for the kitchen.  No-one has ever mentioned hugging their sewage treatment system. Therefore, we are very conscious on costs, just like our clients.  If your Mercedes is 10 bucks, but the customer only has 5, he wont buy from you, opting for a Tata instead, which offers greatly reduced quality / reputation / or fitness for purpose, just to fit the pocket. How long would the cheap alternative last ? And would you hug a Tata? 

Scarab has also felt that payment on delivery (i.e COD) of materials received, ensures a close and respected relationship with our suppliers, which could result in some price discount.


Upgrading and original replacement

And so, if you note a change in our product, where we might supply you a non-matching replacement, or additional tanks, pumps, pipes -  rest assured, we have found better alternatives to what we may have supplied originally. And we would feel that our clients would know that they are being carefully considered for each and every change we make.

Its a matter of trust between a "willing buyer and a willing seller". When the willing stops, our hero becomes zero.

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