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Scarab Sewage Systems - The Original

Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, as they say.

To copy, or imitate an item  (the Chinese are masters at this), requires very little innovation, no research or development, and often no quality control. Fly-by-night operators use this tactic to undermine the originator, and to cut costs. To offer promises that cannot be kept, these operators are only in it for the money.

What we have found is that this manufacturer has copied Scarab, but in an effort to become popular, and cheaper, he has reduced the technology, the quality and the equipment - all those things that make Scarab a world leader. But does it perform just as well. Hey, Im not going to say, but take a wheel off your car, would you still manage 100 km/h? And will it be as reliable as an original Chinese tin opener?

But we don't take offense. We are flattered that someone finds our package plants of high quality, and of good reputation, to imitate it. We have not lost this client - far from it. We know that the owner will come back to us when the other 3 wheels fall off.  Our door is always open. And that's a promise !!

What we will object to is the passing off of our sewage systems as theirs, and this will be tackled with gusto.


"Treat your waste water to a genuine Scarab System"

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