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Scarab Solar Sewage Treatment Systems

Updated - See below

We installed a sewage treatment system in 2016 and the client asked . . . .  . . . us to check it over.  I went to see him just yesterday.

Scarab solar systems


We have installed many wastewater treatment plants but this one is a little different.

Stephen has a small holding in Pretoria, and had decided on our Scarab sewage treatment systems, to treat up to 65000 litres per day. Without Eskom or power blackouts. The whole property is  solar powered, and then he only runs the plant during daylight hours, or when the sun shines.

Water quality? Its crystal clear and no foul odours.

Any issues? None at all, says Steve. Not a moment's trouble - in 5 years! Just a little maintenance, that's it.

Anything he would like us to change?  Well, yes. Could we reduce the sewage system's power consumption? The plant has already proven itself, since 2016, and should we manage to halve the consumption, and still maintain top water quality, this would be a major breakthrough for Scarab. Our plan is to replace all of Stephen's pumps with smaller units, and then monitor the results. Reducing power is something we have planned for, for a long time on all our sewage systems design. Now are we in a position to test a live plant.

What an exciting development!



Two months ago, we contacted the owner, and asked him if we could downgrade his electrical consumption by installing smaller pumps.  We then removed his 0.75kw pumps and replaced them with 0.37kw units.

Last week, he had this to say

"I will be back home on Thursday but before I left, it looked normal. The advantage of smaller power pumps, is that we can run them longer each day. I will let you know."

We said "Nice!".






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