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Scarab visits its Botswana clients

Out of courtesy, when Scarab visits customers, we offer our itinerary to those responsible. After all, our clients are our friends. This trip was a little different. This was business.

Our first client on the list, was a Chinese company, who were installing a new pipeline in Gabarone. We had supplied two systems previously to this company, elsewhere in southern Africa, so they knew what they were getting. The problem appeared, when, after nearly two years, the client finally claimed the plant had never worked, had been switched off, and we were to remove it. The balance of the account would not be paid, based on this. 

So, early in December, we surprised Chris and came to see the plant. Foreman Johan, was not present, but Chris was. After a quick discussion, I inspected the system, with Susan - the delightful office lady. We found that the sewage treatment plant was working, and fully operational. I took a sample from the discharge point, and visually, it was compliant. So, after 18 months, without service or maintenance, the plant remained operational - in good working order!! I reported back Chris of what we had found, and told him that he knows why he chose Scarab more than once.  Our gripe is that his company, rated as the biggest Chinese construction concern in the world, easily paid for two of our systems, but are skint for this one.

We very rarely get this type of negative feedback from any client, and so this special effort was made to establish what was so wrong with the plant -  they never mentioned any problem, prior to our request for final payment.

Scarab systems in Botswana

.. . . .  With that, we await the final POP.

Our next stop - Maun, to visit Water Africa.

Water Africa have been Scarab agents for many years, but recently, had decided to stop buying from us. Although we are disappointed, we understood. Great people to deal with, and Peter has always been a true gentleman. Why they stopped buying - this is what we wanted to find out.

Botswana is undergoing radical change.  The new government is insisting on getting involved in the employment quotas, buying procedures and general industry conditions of sale. With that, there has been a huge influx of "home industry" products entering into the market, and zapped up by a eager buyers who wish to comply with government rules. Water treatment plants are now produced by a variety of fly-by-night operators, offering huge discounts, knowing that they will be here today, but gone before midnight. Sadly, quality has dropped, and therefore reliability just wont be featured. Irrespective of how these guys do it, the only thing that should count, is consistent water quality.  Nothing else matters.

Water Africa wants to produce their own system, so as to compete with the cheapies out there. These are the Tata's / Chana's we see on the roads. When they are new, they are great, but after a while, things fall off, and rattle, wheels wobble and become tatty. And unreliable. Backup service, and reputation is included in their price. I did ask if Water Africa wanted to compete with the "Tata's" currently on the market, and if so, they would have to downgrade their quality.  And reputation. We won't. Scarab has always looked for the very best, and never compromised.

We have now appointed a professional marketing company in Botswana, who will be visiting all the new and existing clients in this area.  Exciting times!

And so, if you buying a TaTa, best avoid anything environmental. Professional wastewater treatment is not for sissies.

                   The Best of Botswana - Enjoy !!
Scarab -The Best of Botswana
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