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Scarab wastewater treatment  and Toyota

 Scarab and Toyota. Quality, service backup, and reliability.

When choosing the right tool to match the job, one should look at what is on offer, quality, service backup, reliability and fit for purpose. Then good looks indicates the pride taken in producing a product, which catches the buyers eye. All these have to be uncompromising.


Our new Toyota Fortuner arrived just the other day, and we are pretty pleased at the overall product.  We bought our first one, a 2.4l in 2018, and opted to upgrade to the 2.8, as there was the "power lag". We chose Toyota for the same reason people choose Scarab.

Uncompromising Scarab's new Toyota

Whilst this brand is not the cheapest, there are other benefits.  We were looking for overall quality, uncompromising reliability.  We also needed ruggedness, since our roads are full of potholes, camels (remains of tyre treads), rocks and even makeshift spikes, littering the freeways and alleyways. We also took into account the space, which would allow for added carrying capacity, and the Fortuner has 7 seats - not that we often need to carry more than a few, but when you need it, it's there. We liked the Fortuner's ease of use, with the 6 speed automatic gearbox, offering traffic driving that added comfort.

Our first 2.4L had 90 000 km service plan, and we were pleased that this had not changed. And this is where Toyota shines. I don't know what these guys at Waterberg Toyota do in the few hours they have, but every time they finished, it always seem like it's new again.  It runs better, looks better, and rides better. The care taken was outstanding, and a true endorsement to the brand. Based on the after sales service, we never really had another vehicle choice as replacement, nor the franchise / dealer.


Reliability - well, I had a battery die whilst traveling in the Cape a year ago, but I knew there was something not right, and carried a spare one. Not a moment's trouble from new, and I have asked it to perform some pretty tough tasks. Been on some really rough roads, and nothing fell off, came loose or rattled.


Economy - well, probably not the most economical vehicle on the road, but still managed to achieve sub-10l/100 kms.



Like Toyota, Scarab also believes in quality, integrity and service. All our sewage treatment plants are manufactured using the very best materials, toughest technology and stunning good looks - our sewage systems are hard to beat. The cheaper sewage systems - the Tata's and Chery's just wont cut it in these harsh conditions, heavy rain and hot climates. And while these cheap Chinese imports, (and inadequate EU offerings), are lighter on energy, they just don't have the staying power that the Scarab / Toyota has.


Resale value

The Toyota dealer offered us more for the old Fortuner than we could have got privately.

Then, we once offered a client a great trade-in value for a Scarab system he needed upgrading, but he decided to keep both.



Toyota has always outsold any other make in South Africa, because they offer great, reliable service.



And finally, it appears the Fortuner is also highly regarded in the criminal world, with this product catching the eye of most innovative car thieves. We now need to add additional security, to ensure items remain where they were parked. Again, Scarab shares this reputation, and I will remind our clients when tradie Mike attempted to steal the Scarab trademark (see our blog - Tradies and Trademarks).

We treated Mike in the same way we deal with stinky wastewater. Successfully!!

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