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Flushing Wastewater.

In the first ever research program, seawater was tested for . . . . .

. . .trace chemicals in False Bay, Western Cape.  What they found is most alarming . . . .And it's all the stuff we are flushing down the toilet. According to the M&G report the chemicals are diclofenac  (commonly known as voltaren), and carbazepine were the most commonly dominant compounds.  Traces were found in sea lettuce (sea weed), and marine invertebrates (sea urchins, snails, starfish and mussels etc). Voltaren is an anti anti-inflammatory drug freely available over the counter.

Epilepsy and Outfall sewers

My point comes with the findings of carbamazepine compound in water samples from Cape Town's outfall sewers. This drug is used for treating . . . . epilepsy!  How many people in the False Bay area actually have epilepsy?  I suspect not many.  Here's my understanding why this study shows such high levels of this medicine

I was in a light aircraft accident in Oct 2020, and got 3rd degree burns on my arms and legs. Whilst in hospital, - 4 months -, I was unaware of my injuries until I woke up, in Jan 2021.  Neurologist said I had seizures, and was then put on 3 types of epilepsy meds, blood pressure tabs, anti clotting,  cholesterol stuff, pain killers and special ointments. I was told I have epilepsy for life, and in a year will be reassessed to see if - if - the dose can be reduced. He also said I had the condition before the accident, and as he is the specialist, no one questions his authority.

Well, not quite everyone.

Now, carbamazepine is not available over the counter.  It is prescribed by the specialist doctors. So, doctors, like mine, must be diagnosing epilepsy all the time. This would account for excessive contaminants in wastewater. So, why are doctors doing this? Well, I was spending more on medication, than food, so that will tell a story all on its own.

Furthermore, the report says "The risks associated with exposure to these compounds, among others, include increased cancer risk, decreased fertility, and harmful effects on the immune system,” the study says. !! Immune system. . . !! And when our immune system is weakened, we visit the doctors more frequently. See a pattern here?

Repeat "THE IMMUNE SYSTEM". Isn't our immune system failing the covid test? And, can we ever become immune to "quacks" (aka - doctors)?


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