Verloren - Scarab Water  territory in Limpopo

Scarab at Verloren Game Estate

You wont find many references of Scarab achievements in the public domain . . .

 until now. We were just happy, doing our thing, without any fuss. Quietly keeping clients happy, the environment safe and their ground water clean.

We often felt that we don't need to brag about how successful we are, and we haven't. It is only times like this that we consolidate our past efforts, to fully view what we have achieved. And proudly so.

A great example is Verloren - an upmarket Limpopo Game Estate, about halfway between Bela Bela and Modimolle, in Limpopo province. The estate is on 88 hectares, and one dwelling has no sight of the next. Wild game roam freely on the property, and the developers were particularly concerned about the negative human factor on the environment. Once the Scarab sewage treatment system had established a reputation in Verloren, our wastewater treatment solutions were used exclusively.  Over a period of about 4 years, 40 systems have been installed on the properties of individual home owners. A clear endorsement of the product.

 Scarab systems at Verloren Esteate in Limpopo

Verloren is Scarab territory, and dung beetles have have right of way here.


Good eco-estates treat their sewage

Great estates treat their sewage to a Scarab system.

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