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Scarab Water MEA Business Awards 2022

Scarab Wastewater Africa Excellence Award - 2022

Scarab Water has achieved another accolade for their technology. Read it here

We are delighted to announce that we have received the 2022 MEA Leadership Excellence Award for the Best Wastewater Treatment Solutions Provider - Southern Africa.  Scarab SA, the proud developer of this unique and innovative technology, has now received more awards, both nationally and internationally, than any other product in this industry - on the planet.


The Scarab team would like to thank the judges and officials for spending the time with us, to dig deep into our technology, reputation and our integrity, and then judging us on their findings. It is an honour to have our first MEA award.


Being leaders in any industry which recycles waste, and particularly in the wastewater field, the responsibility to keep achieving better results, has become a lonely journey. Wastewater treatment and reuse demand has developed faster than the technology. It appears that we, the industry, are mostly content with bubbling air into water, and that nature will then biologically treat our waste.  It is true that bacteria in sewage needs oxygen to develop and consume the "food" in the water, but simply blowing bubbles is not enough. Many sewage systems out there offer this because they don't understand, or care. Scarab understands, and this is why we achieve results better than any other.


In the past, we have had three people who were familiar with our design, who went on their own,  blowing bubbles.  Tradie Mike, in Australia, installed three Scarab systems, which all worked well. The forth plant he decided he was going to blow bubbles, and it failed miserably, so much so that the owners sued him into liquidation.  Then we had an employee salesman, who left the company knowing our technology.  He too went on to produce his own product (read here), claiming he is the best bubble blower, and we just waiting for the fallout. To him, it was a sale, and not a solution. And then there is a third occasion where a long time export client, claiming he has found his own unique method of treating wastewater, by blowing bubbles. The theory here is that all three were cutting costs, specifically to increase profits.


I am not sure why these people simply just copy us.  They know what works, but still try and better it, and end up going backwards. This award just shows how far we have come, and we are the true leaders in this industry.

 Scarab - MEA wastewater Awards


This is our secret.

Its not just the technology, or the persistence - luck even. We have something quite unique - a quality that cannot be copied, even forged. You see, we are capable of thinking for the bacteria (bugs), how they like being treated, being fed, and oxygenated, how they build their homes and how they reproduce. They too have feelings. They like food being delivered to their houses, and they like peace and quiet, and not simply blown bubbles at. They like all the nice food, just like us - pork chops and ice cream and would eat that all the time. However, they will only eat cabbage, brussel sprouts and spinach when they hungry.  So, we must feed them a little food all day long, and they will become strong and healthy, and hungry.  Our secret - we get down to their level. Remember one thing here - these creatures are Mother Natures only way of fixing this problem, and therefore deserve respect. They get ours.

You may ask why I am telling you all this? I need to hand over the reigns to the industry, in general. Failing which, I will retire and the rest will still be blowing bubbles.


This is why Scarab Water (South Africa) has received these awards, both nationally and internationally, more than any other product in this industry - worldwide!

And yet, we are still humbled.

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