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Wastewater Quality and Covid

It has now been established that . . . . .

Covid (C19) Delta variant can be traced in wastewater (read it here)

Has anyone questioned the relationship of the state of our sewage works throughout the country and the current uncontrolled wave of Covid infections? Can Covid spread in wastewater systems, and if so, has it become uncontrollable? Should those infected, in turn, infect everyone downstream, particularly where sewage works are not working. If so, by flushing the toilet, or washing your hands, will this end up in the sewage works, the same one that has been abandoned, and left for dead?

I know there will be a number of Fauci's out there that will debunk this, but they also say that Covid is not Chinese. And maybe one can also debunk the theory that all the hospitals are full, and patients are being turned away. The whole system is collapsing and nothing is safe.  We have no reserves left, no willingness or guidance to overcome this. Only the fittest will survive, and those that do, will have a much reduced quality of life.

However, those that have their own treatment plants, like Scarab sewage systems, and if its properly maintained, should relax a little.  No-one down stream should be infected with the virus. I know, if Fauci had a Scarab, he could be an intelligent, caring guy, and that he would not be spreading this vile virus. None of our systems require use of social distancing or paper masks.

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